Guidelines to use oven

April 26, 2020 By admin Kitchen

If you follow these guidelines, then you should be fine. If you still have any trouble, it is always best to seek help from a professional Grill Master. How to Use an Oven Properly

Even though a grill pan is an extremely useful tool, many people are still not sure how to use one. The following techniques will help you to cook perfectly with your new grill pan.

Keep the grill lid clean. The lid seals up during grilling, so it can collect a lot of grime and spit. The grates that are meant for use on the Oven are not intended to be left in the Oven for too long.

Keep the Oven away from heat sources that could melt the edges of the grill. For example, if the Oven is right next to a burner, or is next to a very hot stove, the edges could be melted.

Keep the Oven away from too much heat. The Oven is designed to cook foods on the lowest temperature setting. It can be damaged when left unattended for long periods of time.

Keep the Oven away from grease. If the Grill is left too long without cleaning, greases and fats will set off the heating elements, causing the Oven to overheat.

Keep the Oven away from water. The Oven will become saturated with water if the grill is kept in a wet place. This can cause problems with the Oven’s internal seals, which could lead to an early Oven failure.

Clean the Grill pan after each use. If the Grill pan was in contact with food or if there were any stains or grime build up, it may be best to clean it before next use.

Keep the Oven away from dirt and bacteria. If the Grill is kept in a damp, dark place for a long period of time, it could become dirty.

When using the Oven, use a face shield. The grill pan can easily get burned if it comes into contact with hot objects. Use a face shield while cooking and clean the grill pan afterwards.

Never use the Grill pan for anything else. Never leave food sitting in the grill pan if it is not being used. Once it gets cold, the grill will start to rust.

Never use the Oven with wax paper. Wax paper can damage the inner workings of the Oven.